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Mounting and Hanging Options for Curtains

The two basic options for mounting curtain hardware are inside mount and outside mount. If your curtain rods are already in place you may wish to scroll down to the next section on Top Treatments.

If rods need to be installed, placement is often dictated by the windows themselves and the nature of the molding. If your home has nice wood window frames, you may wish to mount the curtains inside the frame. If this is not possible, or if you want the curtains when opened to fully clear the window, mount the rods upon the frame or beyond it. A general rule of placement for outside mount brackets is to center the brackets on the top molding aligned with the middle of each side molding. Other details to consider in deciding on mounting hardware include the stacking of the curtain panels and whether additional supports will be needed for the rod.

Some Options for Mounting Curtains on a Bank of Windows
Each window treated indiviually with inside mounted curtains.

Scrims mounted inside - single panels for smaller side windows and a pair for larger center window.
Overcurtains spanning the bank of windows, a pair, outside mounted.

Top Treatment Options

Once the fabric has been determined, there are considerations of the style of curtains and how they are to be mounted. Just as with furniture, simplicity and usefulness are the keynotes with curtains.

The simplest style of curtain merely has the top of the curtain turned down and stitched, forming a sleeve or casing top which the rod slips through. (shown on scrims at right)

Another simple method of hanging curtains is on rings, the rings then slide onto the rod. These curtains are easier to open and close than a casing top and when pushed open they stack into a smaller amount of space. The rings can either be sewn on or a drapery hook can be inserted on the back and the small loop on the ring slipped in.

A variation of casing top has a fold of fabric which extends above the rod, usually about one inch. This is called a "casing with heading " and is particularly suitable for lighter weight fabrics when mounted outside or cafe-style curtains.
Other options include rings sewn onto the back at the top so they are not seen from the front - hidden rings (shown at right on the stencilled Leaf & Berry curtain). Occasionally the curtain droops between the rings, showing the rod. Hidden rings are often used for inside mount curtains if one wishes the convenience of rings and coverage for the space above the rod.
For a more structured look, choose stitched tucks with rings, the rings are generally attached with hooks. This method is appropriate for more formal rooms and for the convenience of distributing the fullness when the curtains are opened and closed.

We offer simple brass hardware in two sizes:

3/8" with "gooseneck" brackets


3/4" for larger windows & portieres























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