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The distinctive feature of many Arts & Crafts bedspreads is a
central stylized motif,
often carried out in hand stencilling or a combination of hand embroidery with stencilling or appliqué.

pictured here :
Checkerberry Bedspread, queen size, of Natural Flax Canvas 100% Linen, the motif is worked in hand stencilling and hand embroidery with hand embroidery along the seams. Also shown, Ginkgo 5-leaf pillow and curtains with the Checkerberry motif. The Checkerberry designs are based on a designs offerd by Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops.
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We make bedspreads to order, in your choice of fabric, size, design, and colors. Suggested fabrics for bedspreads are: Craftsman Linen, Bungalow Cloth and Flax Canvas or any of the mid-weight linens for a lighter weight bedcovering . Seams are required and decorative embroidery along the seamline is optional. We construct throw-style bedspreads, with rounded corners at the foot and a generous pillow tuck.


Bedspread designs with hand embroidery

Bedspreads with embroidery are available completed or as a kit.

note:computer screens may not accuratly represent the color of fabrics and other elements, for



Checkerberry Bedspread

The "berries" are hand stencilled in russet and the "stems" are stencilled in golden brown shading to green. All stencilled areas are outlined in hand embroidery, the stem stitch continuing to the gold "seeds" worked in French knots and satin stitch.

24.5" across
14.5" high


Ginkgo Bedspread

Based on a design from Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops.

The leaves are hand stencilled in green and the stemlines are hand embroidered in golden brown extending up to the buds which are satin stitched in soft orange.


21" across
15" high


Roycroft Rose Bedspread

The flowers and leaves are appliqués, couched and defined in hand embroidery. The stems and small squares are worked in embroidry as well. Shown here with the flower in light gold and the leaves in olive, this design can be carried out in colors to complemtent any color scheme. Co-ordinating pillow shams are also available.

22.5" across
55" high


Conventionalized Rose Bedspread

Based on a design from Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops.

The circular form is an appliqué, with a cutout revealing the cloth of the bedspread. Hand embroidery in couching and stem stitch completes the design. Shown here with the appliqué in old rose color and the embroidery in forest green.

15.5" across
24" high



Thistle Bedspread

The leaves & base of the flowers are hand stencilled, outlined and defined in stem stitch hand embroidery. The flower tops are hand embroidered in satin stitch and French knots. Shown here in shades of cherry red, studio blue-green and light gold.

24" across
24" high



Roycroft Tulip Bedspread

This design is adapted from Dard Hunter's stained glass windows at the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora, NY. It shows the influence from his studies in Vienna.

The flower, leaves and small squares are hand stencilled (shown here in russet, leaf green and gold) and all lines are hand embroidered in black. This picture shows a queen size bedspread displayed on a 48 inch wide table. The "lead lines" are placed in proportion to the size of the bed.

size of
12" across
20" high



Seed Pod Bedspread

Based on a design for portieres from Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops.

The "pods" are appliqués with the small round seeds worked in satin stitch hand embroidery and the "stems" in stem stitch. The design is placed to begin a few inches above the foot of the bed and gives a dramatic, decorative effect. Shown here in red, gold and forest green, it is adaptable to many different color schemes.

34" across
50" high





Bedspread Designs in Hand Stencilling


Stencilled Rose Bedspread

Based on a design for Roycroft by Dard Hunter, this motif is placed in the center of the bed. Shown here in burgundy, copper, spruce and brown.


16" across
25" high





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