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These curtain panels are available for immediate shipping. Many are one-of-a-kind, sample panels. Contact us for a custom order if you need other sizes or quantities.

The width dimension listed is the approximate width the panel will cover when gathered at 1.5 times fullness. See the full description for more details.

ID#Click image for detailsNameShort descriptionStock statusPrice each
Craftsman Linen, Ivory Curtain w/ Rose stencilMid-heavy panel, casing/plain top, 24" wide, 50.5" longIn stock1 item(s)$105.00
1049Flax Canvas Curtain w/4 Ginkgo stencilsMid-weight curtain, plain top, for 40" wide, 24.5" highIn stock2 item(s)$145.00
Ivory Linen w/blue Mackintosh Rose stencilMid-weight panel, casing top, for 30" wide, 52" longIn stock1 item(s)$170.00
1051Ivory Linen Scrim w/Ginkgo StencilSheer curtain, casing top & bottom, For 23" wide x 24" highIn stock1 item(s)$95.00
SCm3Ivory Linen Scrim Curtain PanelSheer curtain panel Casing top For 10.5" wide x 30.5" longIn stock1 item(s)$45.00
YSSFabrics Samples Set
A full set of our current line of fabrics - sheer, medium & heavy weights.
We also now offer individual swatches of our fabrics
In stock item(s)$18.00


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