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3/4" Brass Rod

3/4" Brass Rod
    Price: $12.00
            per foot
    All brass, thick walled tube.

    Maximum shipping length is 95". If your windows are larger use our 3 1/4" projection brackets and add the Connector to your order. See measuring information at the bottom of this page. We cut to your exact sizes or order a bit long and cut with a hacksaw.

    Using information in the table below, figure your cut length sizes.
    • List your cut sizes in the large text box
    • Add all lengths and round up to the nearest foot
    • Enter the total number of feet in the Quantity box

    If using these brackets

    Subtract this amount for rodding cut size: ( allows for both brackets)
    1 1/4" projection

    2 1/2" projection

    5/8" from the outer edges of where the brackets will be placed

    Inside Mount 3/8" from total inside width

    You may write additional notes in the text box below too (pull the corner of the box to make it bigger).
    Rod sizes: 
    Enter the TOTAL NUMBER OF FEET in the QUANTITY box. Note: DO NOT enter the number of rods. Rodding is priced by the foot. Incorrect ordering will result in a delay and/or additional processing charge.
    Shipping and Packing added in checkout.
    All brass