Measuring for Curtains and Hardware

If rods need to be installed placement is often dictated by the windows themselves and the nature of the molding. If your home has nice wood window frames, you may wish to mount the curtains inside the frame. If this is not possible, or if you want the curtains when opened to fully clear the window, mount the rods upon the frame or beyond it.

A general rule for outside mount is to center the brackets on the top molding aligned with the middle of each side molding. The projection of the brackets should be determined in conjuction with deciding upon the length of the curtains.

If the curtain will be mounted such that when it falls it hits the sill, it should stop at the sill. If the sill does not project far enough to receive it, the length is a more subjective matter. Some decorating books from the time state that the curtains should continue until it reaches the bottom of the apron, while other suggest they extend just an inch or two below the sill. The best advice is to stand back and observe the lines and proportions in the room and consider how the furniture arrangement may affect the practical use of the curtains. Only in the most formal Arts & Crafts rooms and sometimes in bedrooms are floor length curtains appropriate.

In general, it is best for us to work from the measurements of the area which the curtains will cover.

For inside mounted curtains tell us the width inside the window frame (A). If you will be getting rods from us tell us the total inside length (B) and we will allow for the hardware and finish the curtains so they stop just above the sill.

For outside mounted curtains, if you do not yet have rods, determine approximatly where the outer edges of the brackets will be placed for the width measurement (C).

For the length, tell us the measurement from the top of the rod (approximate if the rod is not installed yet) to the desired length of curtains (D). If the exact length is critical, request the rods to be shipped first, install them and then confirm the precise measurement nearer completion time. If you have rings state the measurement from where the curtain will attach to the ring to the desired length.

In addition, you may wish to state measurements regarding the placement of the design, hem sizes, or other details. Otherwise we will work in proportion to the size of the design and curtain. It is also helpful to send us a snapshot and/or sketch of the arrangement of all of the windows within the room.









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