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3/4" Brass Hardware

3/4" Brass Hardware Brackets are sold by pairs. The projection is measured from the surface upon which the bracket is mounted to the back of the rod. On all brackets, the "barrel" unscrews and slips over the end of the rod. Rods are cut to size - see the rod page for measuring information.
  Inside Mount Brackets for 3/4" rod, pair     $12.00 Solid brass
  Brackets for 3/4" rod - 1 1/4" projection, pair     $24.00 Solid brass
  2 1/2" Proj. brackets for 3/4 Brass     $30.00  
  3 1/4" projection brackets for 3/4" rod, pair     $36.00 Solid brass
  Connector and Support for 3/4" rod longer than 95"     $25.00 Solid brass
  Brass Ring for 3/4", each     $4.00 Solid brass
  Support for 3/4" rod     $15.00