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Brass Curtain Hardware

Brass Curtain Hardware Simple brass curtain
hardware is the most
typical method of hanging
curtains in a
turn-of-the-century home.
We are happy to
make it available!

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3/8” Brass Hardware
For most windows and for mounting curtains on French doors, the smaller, 3/8" hardware is appropriate. It can span up to 44" between supports (a bit less for very heavy curtains).

3/4” Brass Hardware
For large windows and for portieres on doorways the 3/4" rods are preferable. Can span approximately 80" between supports.
Generally the same type of rods are used throughout the room on all windows, but if the room has different types of openings, such as French doors or for doorways with portieres, differing sized rods may be used.

Return policy on hardware: Items in "as new" condition may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a restocking fee of 15%.
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